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Demo data is delayed 20 minutes with the exception of the depth table which is live.

Only a small number of stocks are permissioned for live data (e.g. BHP and CBA) and depth information will only appear for those stocks.


A javascript framework and managed market‐data cloud for the rapid development of sharemarket websites

A Modern Approach

QuoteAPI operates at the presentation layer by binding market data to HTML elements that can be styled with CSS.

The market data is kept up to date and correctly formatted for you.

Your development effort is 100% client side so your UX/UI developers can focus on building a high quality front end.

Rapid Development

Robust, complex, and highly interactive market data websites can be built quickly and cost effectively.

Your development can be kick started by using our standard components and widgets for common market data features and tasks.

Experienced developers and designers can extend these components with tools they are already familiar with.

Market Data Cloud

QuoteAPI provides you with access to multiple realtime feeds and an extensive historical database. These are managed on your behalf so you can focus on your core business.

QuoteAPI currently provides full data coverage for the Australian and New Zealand markets: ASX, CHIX and NZX. Data can be live, delayed, or end of day, to suit your requirements.

Comprehensive Suite of Services

Using QuoteAPI you can rapidly develop and host a content rich market data website that features:

  • Stock quotes
  • Scrolling tickers
  • Code lookups
  • Market depth
  • Fundamental data
  • Charts and data visualisations
  • Course of Trades lists and trade summaries
  • Watchlists and portfolio functions
  • Historical price lookups
  • Company news feeds
  • Investment calculators
  • Market summaries
  • User groups with different permissions



Full documentation for QuoteAPI is available online.

The documentation shows live examples using QuoteAPI and you can also refer to the demo at the top of this page.

We are happy to mockup some of your requirements to get you going.

Platform Independent

QuoteAPI will work on any webpage. It is not restricted to a particular hosting platform and does not need to be bundled with other software.

Browser Support

QuoteAPI works on all modern desktop and mobile web browsers, and even older browsers back to IE6.

It has no dependencies on client side plugins like Java, Flash, or Silverlight and works with mobile and responsive websites.

QuoteAPI takes a modern approach to web development and provides an ideal platform for building Single Page Applications (SPAs) and mobile aware websites.


QuoteAPI is < 130Kb compressed. It is fast to load and is ideally suited for mobile developments.


QuoteAPI plays nicely with Javascript frameworks because all of its functionality can be controlled by data attributes.


QuoteAPI also provides a Javascript API to enable you to build any custom functionality.

QuoteAPI Pricing

Pricing for QuoteAPI is based on a number of factors:

  • what is the expected monthly usage of the service?
  • what features are included in the service?
  • is the data displayed live, delayed or end of day?
  • is the service offered to retail or professional users?
  • is the service generally available or restricted to a closed user group?
  • does the service support trading and execution services?
  • do we need to calculate and manage exchange royalty fees on your behalf?
  • what level of development and ongoing support is required?
  • are you a startup? We will try to support you if possible.

Please contact Iguana2, the team behind QuoteAPI, to discuss your project and we’ll quickly provide a ballpark quote based on your initial requirements.

As a guide, the monthly licensing fee of the QuoteAPI JavaScript library for commercial use starts at $1000 per month. Any applicable exchange data licensing fees are in addition to our fee and normally billed directly by the Exchange.

Exchange Data Licensing and Fees

The Intellectual Property (IP) rights to the market data typically remains with the Stock Exchanges and if third parties want to redistribute this data within their own services they must hold a data license with the relevant exchange(s).

A data license agreement prescribes certain rights and restrictions on how the data can be used and any associated fees to use the data.

The fees depend on the type of data you wish to display and whether the data is live, delayed, or end-of-day.

Irrespective of whether you obtain data via QuoteAPI or from an alternative vendor the same exchange licensing requirements and fees will apply.

Data licensing can be complex. The team at Iguana2 has years of experience in these matters and can assist you to determine the best approach for your service and help to procure the necessary agreements with the exchanges.

About Us

Experience Matters

QuoteAPI is a service of Iguana2, a Sydney based software development company that specialises in the aggregation and supply of share market data.

QuoteAPI makes the most of Iguana2's 20+ years of experience delivering high quality market data solutions to many of Australia's and New Zealand's leading stock brokers, investment banks, wealth managers and self directed private investors.

Official Provider

Iguana2 sources its market data directly from the exchanges via the same high speed, redundant networks used by global market data vendors and industry professionals.

Iguana2 is an official Exchange Market Information Vendor and is formally licensed to redistribute market data to third parties.